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Things to do

  • Barbecue on the terrace

    You can enjoy a barbecue on the private terrace in each building.
    This facility can be used all year round regardless of the season.
    BBQ stove for charcoal fire(2,500 yen with fire/Final order 19:30)
    Feel free to bring your favorite ingredients and drinks to feel like a barbecue party!
    Meat baked under the starry sky has a special taste!
    A supermarket convenient for shopping is 5 minutes by car!
    If you want to choose local ingredients, we recommend 10 minutes by car from Roadside Station Fujiyoshida.
  • Cooking in the room

    We have a set of kitchen utensils, seasonings and tableware.
    You can bring your own food and enjoy cooking as you wish.
    We also have a cooking party with good friends!
    There is also a rental of cooking goods at the front desk (for a fee), so please feel free to ask our staff.*Please refer to the following for cooking goods that can be rented.

    If you would like to bring a passionate kitchen knife, cooking equipment, and tableware to enhance your party mood, please bring it.
  • Fireworks corner☆

    At this facility, we have prepared a dedicated space in response to the customer's request "I want to fireworks!" (Until 22:00)We may be with other customers.In that case, we ask for your cooperation in sharing the space and using it.
    Also, since we handle fire, we limit ourselves to handheld fireworks.
    Items that make noise, burst, launch systems, etc. that are annoying to other customers or people living in the neighborhood are prohibited.
    Please enjoy the rules.
  • Swayed by a hammock

    There is a private hammock on the terrace of each building. (Excluding log cottage C & F)
    Bring your favorite book and have a reading time while being shaken by a hammock!
    Enjoy the resort time with the birdsong as background music.

    When children use the hammock, parents are kindly requested to monitor it.
  • Wood-burning stove

    The log cottage offers an optional wood stove.
    Please be assured that the staff will set the fire.
    Only 2,500 yen once in winter (November to March).
    Just watching the softly swaying flames warms your body and mind.
    Enjoy the atmosphere of "winter in a villa".
    *The room is heated by floor heating and air conditioning.
  • Rental goods(To accompany the cooking)

    Various rentals are available at the front desk.
    Please feel free to ask the staff.

    [Hot plate]
    Fare:550 yen
    Takoyaki/Cheese fondue set

    [Wok set with stove]
    Fare:550 yen
    Shabu-shabu/Sukiyaki pot/Paella pot/Stone grilled bibimbap pot

  • Rental goods(To accompany your room)

    Various rentals are available at the front desk.
    Please feel free to ask the staff. (Free)

    [Table games]
    UNO / Go / Shogi / Othello / Mahjong / Bingo etc.