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Private Resort Pine Tree Recommended Tourist Information

Fuji-Q Highland is a 7-minute walk to Fuji-Q Highland 2-minute drive from the Kawaguchiko IC It is located right in the middle of the Fuji North Foot Area of Fuji North Foot Area, so it is a convenient location to go anywhere.
Also, there are many restaurants such as convenience stores, burger shops, non-revolving restaurants, and restaurants within walking distance, so you won't have any trouble eating places!
Please feel free to contact us as we will show you the recommended spots!
  • Information on Surrounding Area

    • Staff handmade restaurant map

      From shops within walking distance to shops just a short drive away.

      Supermarket convenient for shopping, convenient drug store
      Don Quijote even buys extra things
      You can also see the chain stores that you often see and the shops that are popular locally!
      Please feel free to ask the staff if you are uncertain about choosing a shop.
      *The same information is available in the guide files for each building.